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Pella Products


Pella products are supported by some of the most robust warranties in the business.

Wood Windows and Patio Doors

(November 30, 2020 - Present) Pella® Reserve™, Architect Series®, Pella® Lifestyle Series

Fiberglass Windows and Patio Doors

(November 30, 2020 - Present) Pella® Impervia®

Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors

(February 9, 2017 - Present) Pella® 250 Series, Encompass by Pella®, Pella® Hurricane Shield Series™, Pella® Defender Series™

Pella® Entry Doors - Premium Wood

(February 9, 2017 - Present)

Pella Entry Doors: Fiberglass or Steel

(February 9, 2017 - Present)

Storm Doors

(June 30, 2006 - Present)

Pella Care Guarantee

Only replacement customers who buy and install Pella goods from their nearby Pella Window and Door Showrooms are eligible for the Pella Care Guarantee.

The Pella Care Guarantee is comprised of the following:

- Pella Installation Limited Warranty and Service Agreement.
- The product warranty for your product (shown above).

Our warranty isn't available for purchase from other means, on new construction or commercial jobs. See Pella Care Guarantee for limited warranty and service agreement details.

Frequently Asked Questions

The product defect would not be covered by the guarantee if the tinting causes the defect.

The product defect would not be covered by the warranty if the modifications causes the defect.

Although there is no time limit set by Pella on this, we do advise that you install a product as soon as possible to prevent storage damage. Pella disclaims liability for harm caused by negligent storage.

The initial purchaser of Pella items in an owner-occupied single-family home is entitled to limited lifetime warranty coverage. For more information, including exclusions and limitations, consult the printed limited warranty or call Pella Customer Service at 514-405-4085.

Your product automatically includes a warranty after purchase. If you have any questions about your warranty, you can call Pella Customer Service at 514-405-4085 or see the written warranties for full information.

No, the product warranty still applies to your product(s) as long as the installation instructions provided by  Pella are followed. Here are our installation instructions here.

Pella advises against painting these components. The product would not be covered by the guarantee if the paint is a contributing factor to its defect.

Within a product warranty, the duration of coverage varies for various product parts and service work. For the first two (2) years from the date your product is purchased, the product warranties will cover the cost of labor. For detailed information, including the precise labor and product component warranty terms, consult written warranties.

When you buy a product, the warranty is included. The serial number on the goods, the purchase order, or the order number from your purchase are all you need to submit in the event of a warranty issue. Please call customer service at 514-405-4085 if you need parts.

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