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Add architectural intrigue to your home with awning windows from Pella Montreal. Usually installed above or below other windows, awning windows are hinged at the top and open and shut with the turn of a handle. They’re a great choice for allowing extra light into a room and letting in a bit of fresh air.

Our awning windows offer the quality and intricate artistry you plan to get from Pella. Stainless-steel hinges and operating arms help with rust prevention and corrosion. Triple-pane glass options boost energy efficiency. You can pick from a variety of different product features, sizes and material types to give you the benefits you need

, Specialty Windows

Unique Beauty And Operation

Specialty windows are comprised of window styles commonly found abroad, allowing you to add a unique element of culture and functionality to your design. Pella Montreal offers several specialty window options for a truly inspired design.

French Casement

The French casement design features the functionality of the French window’s side-by-side sashes, paired with the unobstructed viewing aspect that comes from our traditional casement windows.

Push-Out Casement

This window design has no center astragal, providing beautiful and fully unobstructed viewpoints from your home. Simply turn the handle and gently push to open the window fully for beautiful views.

Push-Out French Casement

The Push-Out French Casement design pairs the elegance of the French Casement with the functionality of the Push-Out design. Gently push upon the two sashes to open the window fully.

In-Swing Casement

The In-Swing Casement windows open fully into the interior of the room rather than out. This style is especially attractive for homeowners who have objects outside of their windows, such as flower boxes.

In-Swing French Casement

Similar to the traditional In-Swing Casement window design, the gorgeous In-Swing French Casement windows allow for two sides to be pulled inward and into the room, rather than outward.

Tilt-Turn Design

The Tilt-Turn design is a product of European ingenuity. This window opens two ways, allowing you to choose your ventilation method: swung open for full ventilation or tilted ventilation at the top.

The Hopper Design

Similar to the traditional awning design, the Hopper window allows extra ventilation by tilting open from the top and swinging into the room, instead of venting from the bottom and swinging outward.

Add Character To Your Home

Increase your curb appeal with a stunning specialty window feature from our experienced craftsmen at Pella Montreal. Our exceptional attention to detail allows us to create incredible products that will make your home look like a work of art.
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