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How to Brighten a Dark Room

How to Brighten a Dark Room

Are you struggling with a space that does not get enough light? A renovation may seem like your only option, but first we have a few suggestions! Here are few decorating tips and tricks can quickly make your entire home so much brighter.

Harness the Power of a Colourful Rug

A large, colourful rug serves two purposes: it helps to define a particular space in the home and brings bright energy to your aesthetic.

Try Multiple Mirrors

Increase the amount sunlight in your room by allowing it to be reflected by several mirrored surfaces. The trick is to hang a very large mirror across from the largest window in your room or you can install a unique collection of smaller mirrors to brighten a dark area like a staircase..

Nix the Heavy Curtains

Many window treatment options are available on the market to provide privacy without turning your house in a ghost’s abode. We recommend getting rid of any heavy, dark curtains that absorb light. Instead, opt for semi-transparent shapes that allow sunshine to be diffused throughout the room.

Paint the Ceiling a Bright White

It is often said that a white ceiling will make a room seem taller, but it will also help add light to the space. To brighten a dark room, select a paint that is clear, bright and as white as you can find. Avoid ivory, cream and off-white tones for the most effective paint colour.

Opt for Blond Woods

Integrating pale woods into your home decor can actually lighten up space. Add a plant and the room will naturally feel sunnier, even without any new light sources.

Install New Light Bulbs

Modern bulbs can provide a brighter output and a range of cool or warm tones to suit your particular space.

Go with matte and not Glossy

Glossy walls give a glare. On the other hand, matte surfaces reflect light in every direction.

Avoid Heavy Light Fixtures

Large, clunky fixtures can get in the way of creating an airy and light space. When choosing a hanging fixture, make sure to go with something visually light.

Explore the Dark Side

In the end, your room needs to feature a natural interplay between shadow and light. After all, nobody wants their home to have the look of a very bright box store with harsh fluorescent lighting. While you may want to shine light on all dark corners, try to maintain a healthy balance. Shadows can provide depth and a sense of life, which will make the space feel more like home.

Go for Lightweight Furniture

Heavy and overstuffed carved furniture will often make a room feel more cluttered and darker than it actually is. By favouring simpler and more streamlined pieces, you’ll help to lighten up the space. But what if you love the style of heavy or carved furniture? In this case, we suggest keeping it to a minimum. You can select one or two special pieces, while sticking with more minimalist furniture for the rest of the room.

That’s it. Now Bring the Light in!

With these handy tips, we’re sure you’ll be able to bring light in your home. Best of all, you can do it quickly and on a small budget. Happy decorating!