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Tips to Choose the Right Artwork for Each Room

Tips to Choose the Right Artwork for Each Room

One of the most common questions that designers come across is “How do I choose the perfect artwork?”. There are some guidelines that will help you select the right piece for a particular space.

Artwork helps to define the personality of the space and the homeowner. Plus, art is an investment that you can take with you when you move, and that can also grow in value over time. With art pieces, you can enhance the look of your home without requiring a second mortgage and spend as little or as much as you want!

Here are the defined spaces that should each be designed in their own way.

For the Office

Whether you work from home or in an office, art is one of the best ways to personalize your space while keeping you inspired. Our favorite is the rotating gallery. First, you need a floating shelf installed over your workspace or close to it. And the beautiful thing about this is, that’s the only thing you need to hang! Next, is the creative part. You can simply pick out an assortment of artwork that inspires you; envision a board of different styles, works by some popular artists or the positive messages that keep you motivated. You may also want to include a variety of sizes and play around with frame selection, choosing between similar frames for a minimal look or a variety of frames to add character. These pieces can be rotated or updated whenever you get bored.

The possibilities are endless.

For the Kitchen

One of the most forgettable rooms in terms of artwork is the kitchen. It is often referred to as the heart of the home, and you may call it the most frequently used room in the house. There is no question that art needs to be included here. Spaces above countertops and cabinets can be perfect homes for art. We suggest opting for more social and funny prints that leave a smile and make mornings a little easier.

For the Bedroom

A bedroom is a place for relaxation and the art you select should reflect that concept. The best place for artwork in the bedroom is the the wall over the bed or the wall opposite the bed. Large pieces are often best in this case and need to be hung at eye level. We recommend you look for pieces with soothing tones and colors. If you love photographs, desaturated images and landscapes work really well in that context.

For the Bathroom

A bathroom is another space that gets neglected when it comes to art. The artwork that you choose needs to go well with the vibe of the bathroom. For instance, if it you are working with a powder room on the ground level, it is best to stick with bright pieces and more fun. If it is a master bathroom, choose more serene or calming pieces. Bathroom art works best in pairs. They can be the same abstract images with one flipped on its side, or two different pieces that match the same theme. Optimal locations for artwork would be above the toilet, the towel hooks or the bathtub.

Artwork for the Living Room

Here, we’ve saved the best for last. The most fun room to decorate with art is the living room. We often feel pressure here as this is the room that most of your guests will spend time in and will see. Choosing the right piece is important; it will be a conversation point and will dictate the vibe or feel of the space. You can choose between one large-scale piece or build a wide gallery-type wall. This is a good opportunity to get wild and think beyond traditional art. Living room art can be more than a print or painting on a canvas; sometimes it may take other forms. Whether you prefer a larger-than-life copy of stag horns or a patriotic flag, think beyond the traditional 2D image and you’ll be sure to find an exclusive piece that truly reflects your personality.
In the end, this is your home, and your walls. Make sure you love the choice you make!