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Black-Framed Windows — The Right Choice for You?

Black-Framed Windows — The Right Choice for You?

Today, any homeowner can choose from a number of professionals who are dedicated to decorating every single corner of the house. These inspired interior experts have completely transformed the meaning of interior design for modern homes. One recent hot topic has been the black frame and door option. These can work really well in a modern addition to a contemporary home, or sometimes even in a century-old house in need of a cosmetic update.

So the question is: when are black window frames a good idea?

Black Window Frames - Edgy, Elegant & Versatile

Black-framed doors and windows can add serious drama and style to traditional and elegant interiors. They can also work well as a backdrop for industrial and ultra-contemporary styles.

These dark window frames are now becoming even more popular because they are what we call a “forgiving” color. When you incorporate them into a building’s design, you’ll find that they match just about any color used adjacent to them. They are like a black dress: everything looks great in black and you have endless choices to create contrast.

Does Black Blend In?

You may be surprised to hear that black windows don’t stick out as much as other colours do. They often look like a shadow line, which disappears into the background. When you are in your home looking out of the window, the black frame fades away and you just see out the clear pane.

Black nets are used in tennis courts for the same reason, so that the focus remains on only the ball.

Black or White Window Frames?

The most common question that comes to mind is black or white? Professionals say that black frames stand out in a light and airy space where the predominant color is white. White frames work best for windows in light-filled open concept kitchen-dining areas.

Black is often used to distinguish a traditional main house from the contemporary addition. These frames can also draw the eye outside, thus improving the view from a window. When selecting black frames, make sure that they match both the outside and inside of the house.

Black Frames and Heat Absorption

People frequently are concerned about the black frame’s potential to absorb heat. For windows facing west or south, where heat transfer is an issue, there are solutions.

If your window frames are made of aluminum, we recommend opting for thermally broken windows. They feature plastic separators to reduce heat transfer between internal and external frames, which will keep your home cool.

A Touch of Class

Aluminum is a budget-friendly window option for new builds and renovations, and choosing black over many other colors is one of the easiest easy ways to make a home look more high-end.

Though wood frames can be painted black, professionals hardly ever recommend this option. Black aluminum windows will always look even more valuable than wood painted black.

If you want to consider an interesting, but more expensive option, black steel frames are also available.

What Does Black Steel Look Like?

Steel frames are more costly than both aluminum and wooden frames, but are often an excellent choice for contemporary and industrial aesthetics.

The steel framed windows come with a handmade patina, an imperfect finish that delivers both texture a strong visual impact.

Get a Second Opinion

When choosing doors and window frames, it’s not unwise to talk to a design professional. At Pella, you can browse our showroom and book a free at-home consultation, to get a second opinion from a design expert. Happy designing!